Why Should You Trust Bombazi with your Booking?

This is a very fair question.  The world if full of all kinds of fraud and you hear about disastrous trips all the time.  International travel is fraught with challenges to travelers.

We would like to outline a number of reasons we hope you can feel confident dealing with us:

  1. This is a family business.  We will treat you like family all the way through our relationship.  We are not a cold corporation or a series of leased properties.  This is our second home we are inviting you to share it with us.

  2. We are a USA based operation.  You are welcome to come visit us at almost any time.  We live in California.  Cam near San Francisco and Brian near San Luis Obispo.  Come by and visit and get to know us.  Face to face interactions are always the best when it comes to doing business.  If you are ever in the area on business or for a trip just give us a call and you most likely can stop by.  We do not just show up in the USA for a quick tour in January and disappear.  We are in this for the long haul and love what we are doing.

  3. We feel our association with Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures speaks for our long term commitment and integrity.

  4. We take care of you from start to finish.  We do not just book a trip and leave like the travel agents do. We work with from beginning to end.  As long as the majority of your stay is with Bombazi we will help you book tickets, Addo elephant park, Cape Town or whatever you want to do.

  5. Our pricing is very aggressive without being so low we have to cut corners.  We try to have a “no surprises” aspect to the bookings.  All charges are spelled out clearly on the web site, and we try to make everything on the ranch itself completely inclusive.

  6. We actively want families to come to our wilderness area.  Most businesses want only the adults but we enjoy introducing your whole family to our slice of paradise.

  7. You will be pampered from beginning to end.  We meet you at the airport in East London and return you at the end of your trip.  Everything in between is taken care of.  A guide is available daily do cater to your needs.  A full time cook and maids are at your service.  Laundry is washed daily.  Food and drinks are available at almost any time.  Alcohol is included in the fee as long as it is used in moderation.

If you are contemplating hunting with us here are some reasons to strongly consider a Bombazi booking:

  1. A majority of the hunts offered in south Africa take place on leased land.  The PH has no real reason to manage the animals or the property for the long term benefit of the animals and the clients.  We do, and will continue to do it so everyone who books with us has the best chance of a successful and enjoyable hunt.

  2. We manage our herds for total quality.  We selectively harvest only the mature bulls and under shoot the herds.  Our trophy quality is as good as it gets.

  3. We have animals that will score high in the record books of almost all species.  If that is a goal for you and you are willing to hunt hard for an individual of a species we can usually find him.

  4. Our professional skinning and trophy preparation is part of your daily fee.  The only additional charges are once we hand over your trophies to the taxidermist.

  5. All the pictures you see on our web site are from our property, not a national park or a friend’s best animals that he took five years ago.  What you see is what you get.

Soon after booking your Bombazi Wilderness Safari, we will contact you to set up an itinerary that is catered to your specific desires. Also please indicate any special desires, dietary requirements, or needs as to food, drink and accommodations you may have.  This will allow us to ensure your safari is the most enjoyable and comfortable as possible.

Cam and Brian will be glad to answer your questions and provide more detailed information.

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