Bombazi Wilderness Hunter Information Sheet - Please print and fill out

General Information for your Bombazi Wilderness Safari

1.    If you wish help in travel arrangements we recommend is that you call Gracey Travel to discuss your flight options (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 954-973-6318). Although you can book your travel on your own or through another travel agent, we highly recommend you use Gracey Travel due to their familiarity of clients traveling to Africa to hunt, connection times needed, etc.
2.    If you are planning to bring your own guns on your safari, Gracey Travel can also arrange for a “Meet and Greet” VIP package where a local person from their staff will meet you when you land, walk you through the entire customs/immigration process and help you obtain your rifle permits with minimal hassle (they will have them all pre-registered before you arrive). None of this is mandatory - you can accomplish all of this on your own without spending the additional money, but trust us when we tell you that it is well worth it to pay for this service. You will likely be extremely tired after the long flight and having the assistance of a person who can speak the local language and knows all the in’s and out’s of the process will relieve a lot of stress and anxiety in addition to saving you a ton of time. Please be aware that if you don’t book your airline travel through Gracey Travel, you cannot purchase the VIP Meet and Greet package – they only sell it to people who buy their airline tickets through them.  There are other companies that also offer this service as a stand alone service.
3.    Because the connections to East London from Johannesburg are generally so tight and it can take awhile to accomplish the gun clearing process, you may want to overnight in Johannesburg before continuing on to East London. Talk to Doug about this when you book your flight – they’ll help you out and can arrange an overnight stay for you if required.
4.    All hunters and guests must have a current passport with 6 months remaining before expiration. Additionally, your passport must have four blank pages available for visas (this does not include the last four pages that are reserved for amendments and endorsements). If your passport doesn’t meet these criteria, has expired or you have never owned a passport, you should start the process as early as possible as it can take a very long time.
5.    East London is generally a malaria and disease free part of South Africa, but please contacts your local physician for specific immunization recommendations before departing on your trip. The immunization process can take up to 6 months, so start on this process well before your departure.
6.    Please fill out the attached form titled “Bombazi Wilderness Hunter Information Form”. We need the information about your rifle and ammunition to fill out an invitation letter you’ll need to import your rifles and ammunition upon arrival in South Africa. Alternatively, you are welcome to use one of our rental guns on the ranch for $125 which includes the cost of ammunition. We have a variety of rifles in different calibers for different sized game and shooters, so we can find one of them that fits just about anyone. We also want know your preferences for plains game so that we know where to scout for game before you arrive. This does not mean there are any guarantees for those animals; it simply helps us be better prepared for your arrival. It also does not mean that you cannot shoot other animals you haven’t selected once you arrive. One of the great things about plains game hunting in Africa is that there is such a huge variety of animals to choose from – it is actually unusual for clients not to shoot a species they hadn’t even considered once they arrive and see all the different animals.
7.    Licenses are included as part of your daily rate – there is no additional charge.
8.    The ranch has WiFi internet service but it is not super fast so please plan on using it sparingly (i.e. it is fine to check e-mail but don’t expect be downloading video or using it for Skype phone calls). There is also a satellite based phone in camp that you can use to call home or work. Just let the owner or PH know you want to use the phone and they will show you where it is and keep track of your charges. You will be expected to pay for your phone usage before leaving the ranch at the end of your safari.
9.    Your trophy fees will be calculated at the end of your hunt and you will be expected to pay for all trophies killed or wounded immediately upon arrival back to the United States. Before you leave the ranch you will sign off on a sheet for all trophies taken with your professional hunter. None of your trophies will leave South Africa before your entire trophy fees are paid in full.
10.    Your trophy will be caped and salted in camp for a shoulder mount and delivered to either a taxidermist or “dip and pack” operation before coming back to the United Sates or Canada. If you desire a full body mount there will be an extra charge for caping which will be determined on a case by case basis. It is important to keep in mind is that you need to budget a fairly significant amount of money for shipping and customs importation fees on top of the actual taxidermy fees. This is true whether you have your taxidermy done in South Africa or simply have the capes and horns “dipped and packed” for return to your taxidermist in North America. Prices vary greatly depending on the number of trophies taken and the final destination in North America, but it is wise to budget at least $1500-$2000 for this service plus the actual taxidermy costs. Also be aware that this process takes quite some time – normally 6 months for your trophies to arrive to your taxidermist if you just have them “dipped and packed” and roughly a year if you have the taxidermy done in South Africa. The companies that handle all these processes will have your contact information and will contact you directly for payment and keep you up to date on delivery times.

Recommended Equipment List

General Info: This is a spot and stalk hunt in the eastern cape of South Africa. The terrain is fairly steep in places so bring good boots and get in some exercise before you come so you can stalk in the mountains. During the typical time most clients will be hunting it will be in the 30’s or 40’s in the morning and warm up to the 70’s or 80’s during the day so bring layered clothing. Laundry is done every day so you do not need to bring a lot of clothes.
•    Light boots with good ankle support (Cabelas Perfekt Hunters by Meindl - 7” uninsulated are excellent for this hunt)
•    Midweight and lightweight socks
•    Midweight outer fleece jacket for cool morning hunts
•    Lightweight long sleeve shirts for cool morning hunts (Under Armour camo shirts are great for this as they can be used as an outer layer when the day heats up)
•    Light weight pants (wear light weight Under Armour leggings underneath and remove them as the day warms up)
•    Light gloves for cool mornings
•    Light weight hat for cool mornings
•    Packable rain gear (normally not needed, but nice to have when it is)
•    Wrap around eye protection for riding outside on vehicle and ATV’s
•    Rifle - .243 and up  (depending on species desired) with premium ammunition (Nosler Accubond is a great all around bullet for this hunt)
•    Day pack/fanny pack
•    Binoculars (bring good ones, you’ll use them a lot)
•    Range finder
•    Personal belongings (toiletries, etc.)
•    Casual clothes and shoes to wear around camp
•    Flashlight and/or headlamp
•    Camera
•    AC power adapters (go to Radio Shack and tell them you are going to South Africa – they’ll get you what you need)

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